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Summer 1

Session 1: What is precious in this story that Jesus told?

This is one of Jesus’ parables. It is a precious story for Christians. It is about a woman who lost a precious coin: part of a collection, maybe her savings, or a wedding necklace, and somehow it, or they, got lost. It was so precious she spent money on expensive oil to light her lamp and swept the house to find it.​​​​​​

The Ten Silver Coins

Pastor Greg shares a story from Jesus, as told by Nick Butterworth & Mic Inkpen

Activities to try:

  • Ten silver coins game
  • Create a painting of a precious thing

  • Hide 10 gold chocolate coins for children to hunt. Hide the tenth inside something. When nine are found, ask where the tenth is. Direct children to this last coin, using ‘hot’ and ‘cold’



Session 2: Is everyone precious? What is ‘unique’?

Look at photos of you as a baby, if possible from ‘birth day’ to age 5. Put them in order. Are we still precious when we are older? Are we only precious as babies? One reason for being precious is we are unique. What does this mean? Everyone in the world is unique. Try watching this song: I am special (Bernadette Farrell) and talking about it.


Celebrate children of the world

KIPPER'S BIRTHDAY by Mick Inkpen I StoryTime with Miss Randall

Listen to ‘Kipper’s Birthday’ or other birthday story books. Think about how birthdays are one way of reminding people how each of is precious.

Session 3: Why do we look for someone if they get lost?

Have you been lost? What does it feel like? How does it feel to be found?

Tell stories of being lost and found e.g. in the supermarket or in the park. People are precious and when they are lost, we are sad or worried and go looking for them.


What happened when Jesus got lost?

This is the only Bible story about Jesus between the age of 2 and 30; he was 12 and visiting Jerusalem for the Passover feast with his parents. The sense of the story is that Jesus is now well aware that his true father is God and that he is safe in God’s house; he is precious to both God and his earthly parents. Watch the video below and answer the questions.


Activity: Make paper-plate faces with an extra flap as the bottom half. On the flap a smile, under the flap a ‘down at the corners’ mouth. Use them to talk about lost and found feelings.



Young Jesus is Lost & Found | 100 Bible Stories

Questions: Why did Jesus’ mum and dad look for him? Where did he go to be safe? Why? What was he doing?

Session 4: Christian belief that all are precious to God and how that is seen in the Bible, Church and Christian living


Christians believe God loves every human being and this love was demonstrated by Jesus when he came to earth. 


Activity: Listen to and learn a welcoming song e.g. God welcomes all, strangers and friends, God’s love is strong and it never ends’. See the video below: 

God Welcomes All Emily Scott Houston

Session 5:  Church – What happens in church?

The vicar loves to welcome everybody just like Jesus did. Some members of the church stand by the door on Sunday morning as ‘welcomers’. Some families like to have their babies christened (baptised) and welcomed into the church family but sometimes the vicar is asked if he will help a family just say ‘thank you’ for their baby. There is a special service of ‘thanksgiving’ for this occasion. What does ‘thanks-giving’ mean? Can you hear the word ‘thanks’ in it? Christians love to say thank you to God for all the good things in life. They have lots of ‘thank you’ songs. Maybe you know one e.g. ‘Thank you Lord for this new day’ 


Activity 1:  Make a special area to be the church. Act out what happens at a thanksgiving Christening service very simply. Use a doll as the baby. Say some of the special words.  Act out the story of Jesus welcoming the children’ again as part of the ‘service’ and maybe sing a song too. The baby is given a book of stories about Jesus. Wrap one up beforehand so it can be unwrapped in the ‘service’.


Activity 2: Make a ‘Welcome’ banner with everyone’s faces painted on small pieces of material and stuck on. How do we make people welcome in school? Welcoming shows people they are loved and special. Maybe you could make a banner with your family members faces on?


Jesus is Baptized | 100 Bible Stories

Session 6: Christian Living – How are Christians taught to live their lives?

Jesus taught his followers many things about God; he taught with authority and he taught often by parables, stories with meanings. Once he said, ‘I’m giving you a new commandment; love one another as I have loved you.’ On another occasion he said, ‘Do for others what you want them to do for you.’ This is known as the Golden Rule and has parallels with rules in other religions.


Activity 1: Open a tin of buns / little cakes. We need your help to ice the cakes. What rules do you think there are for icing cakes? Decide and get icing.


I wonder why we need these cakes. Is it for a birthday? .. or a Thanksgiving service? No. It is for the ‘Bake and Brew’ morning at church to raise money for The Children’s Society. The Children’s Society was started by Christians; it helps children. Some children have mummies and daddies who neglect them; they do not look after them properly. Some children get very lost and need to be found, some are treated meanly and nobody makes them welcome: these children need help from outside their family. We want to help because we know we would want someone to help us. We know everyone is precious to God and we try to be kind and help people like Jesus told his followers.


This term we have learnt the Golden Rule which Jesus taught his followers.

Activity 2: Hide words on golden card round the room for children to hunt. “Do for others what you want them to do for you.” Rearrange them and read together – it would be fine to put numbers on the back to help.

Work out how to end these sentences .... And this will help you decide how to help others.

  • When I am sad, I want .....

  • When I can’t do my work, I want .....

  • When I have lost something, I want ...

  • When I want to play, I want .....

  • When I do something naughty, I want ......


“Let all that you do be done in love” (1 Corinthians 16:14)


Love, Friendship, Thankfulness, Respect, Forgiveness, Perseverance, Trust

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