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Litter Pick

Y2 have been asking lots of big questions recently and one of them was about when the world would end. This led to a discussion about mankind being responsible for the world and talking to the children about the fact that how we look after the earth makes a difference. Some of the children knew about the danger of plastics in our seas, others knew about recycling. They talked about how they were responsible for changing the way people behave to help the planet. 

They decided to do a litter pick and we found out that Old Priory have a big problem with litter in their playground. This is partly caused by humans but also caused by seagulls who raid their dustbins. So we set off to help out by cleaning up their grounds for them. We found lots of rubbish and were amazed how much of it was plastic. 

We are hoping to do some work relating to this and it has definitely got us thinking about how else we can help in our community. 

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