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Autumn 1

Understand that Christians believe that all humans are made in the image of God. each an ‘incarnation’, a physical being known and loved by him.

Session 1: Engage with the word precious and its meaning

Discuss what is precious to each child.

Activity: Paint a picture of something precious to you. Can you hide 10 coins and go on a treasure hunt?

Watch the video clip below and then discuss what is precious in the story that Jesus told.

Story Time - The 10 Silver Coins

Story time for under 5s about lost and found.

Session 2: Enquire into the idea of people being precious and unique

The bible says you are precious to me... and I love you. Discuss twins and how they are unique even though they look the same. Why are we all unique? Discuss what we like and dislike- not everyone likes the same things. Who can swim, who can ride a bike? we are all good at different things.


Share the video below: Lost and found by Oliver Jeffers. Have you ever been lost? What does it feel like? How does it feel to be found? How do you think the penguin feels?


Activity: Make paper plate faces and with a flap to make a smile and a sad face underneath. Use the plates to discuss happy and sad moments such as being lost and then found.

Lost and Found By Oliver Jeffers

Session 3: Explore- Christian belief that all are precious to God and how that is seen in the Bible, Church and Christian living

Church – What happens in Tom and Tessa’s church?

At Tom and Tessa’s church, the vicar loves to welcome everybody just like Jesus did. Some members of the church stand by the door on Sunday morning as ‘welcomers’. Some families like to have their babies christened (baptised) and welcomed into the church family but sometimes the vicar is asked if he will help a family just say ‘thank you’ for their baby. There is a special service of ‘thanksgiving’ for this occasion. This is Tom and Tessa’s baby cousin.

She is called Beth. Her mum and dad don’t go to church much but they want to say thank you to God for their beautiful little girl. ‘God welcomes us all,’ says the vicar, ‘We can have a special thanksgiving service for Beth with stories and songs and prayers. Tom and Tessa can help too. They’d like that.’ What does ‘thanks-giving’ mean? Can you hear the word ‘thanks’ in it? Christians love to say thank you to God for all the good things in life. They have lots of ‘thank you’ songs. Maybe you know one e.g. ‘Thank you Lord for this new day’ (could be adapted to ‘Thank you Lord for Baby Beth’.) You may also like to share the Baptsim video below.


Activity: Make a ‘Welcome’ banner with everyone’s faces painted on small pieces of material and stuck on. How do we make people welcome in school? Welcoming shows people they are loved and special.

Introducing Baptism

A short video explaining the basics of a Baptism service for younger children.

Session 4: Explore Christian Living

How are Tom and Tessa taught to live their lives? 

Jesus taught his followers many things about God; he taught with authority and he taught often by parables, stories with meanings. Once he said, ‘I’m giving you a new commandment; love one another as I have loved you.’ On another occasion he said, ‘Do for others what you want them to do for you.’ This is known as the Golden Rule and has parallels with rules in other religions. Tom and Tessa have brought something really special today. Open a tin of buns / little cakes. They have got to ice the cakes. They need your help! What rules do you think there are for icing cakes? Decide and get icing. I wonder why Tom and Tessa need these cakes. Is it for a birthday? .. or a Thanksgiving service? No. It is for the ‘Bake and Brew’ morning at church to raise money for The Children’s Society. The Children’s Society was started by Christians; it helps children. Some children have mummies and daddies who neglect them; they do not look after them properly. Some children get very lost and need to be found, some are treated meanly and nobody makes them welcome: these children need help from outside their family. Tom and Tessa want to help because they know they would want someone to help them. They know everyone is precious to God and they try to be kind and help people like Jesus told his followers. Tom and Tessa have learnt the Golden Rule which Jesus taught his followers. Hide words on golden card round the room for children to hunt. “Do for others what you want them to do for you.” Rearrange them and read together – it would be fine to put numbers on the back to help. Work out how to end these sentences …. And this will help you decide how to help others.

 When I am sad, I want …..

 When I can’t do my work, I want …..

 When I have lost something, I want …

 When I want to play, I want …..

 When I do something naughty, I want ……


Activity: Use the cakes for a ‘Bake and Brew’ and raise money for The Children’s Society or another charity for children. You can find out more about ‘Bake and Brew’ and ‘Icing Parties’ on the Children’s Society website.


“Let all that you do be done in love” (1 Corinthians 16:14)


Love, Friendship, Thankfulness, Respect, Forgiveness, Perseverance, Trust

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